Oracle application express two level tabs, a how to

Well, just because it took me 1.5 days to figure out how to just get a simple two tab lay-out working with oracle Application express (Apex) I thought I’d share my new found glory.  For people that want to create and use a two tabbed lay out (actually the tabs part) I wrote a tutorial to figure out how to do so.

Creating some tabs that must be simple… that’s what impression you get from seeing the options in Apex but %$#% no, apex is completely useless the way it is set up and how naming of items can be used so inconsistently.

Well, all your worries will go away. You will find out that it is not you.  And you will finally get a better understanding how to use tabs in Apex.  And you maybe will think again before using such a silly oracle product 😉

It’s quite the story (17 pages) so I created a pdf file that contains the tutorial. Good luck.


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9 Responses to “Oracle application express two level tabs, a how to”

  1. Ganderss Says:

    Great job!
    Hope you try to work with themes , templates and css as well 😉

  2. Ino Says:

    Nice work. I’m almost there. Only my first level of tabs doesn’t display yet 😦

  3. Ino Says:

    Found the problem. You may want to add this in your document: be sure to select the Two Level Tabs template for the application (or change the page template afterwards if you have not set is as the application default).

  4. Juan Estrada Says:

    thanks a lot for this. big help for me.

  5. Vitek Says:

    Thank you so much, this tab issue was following me like a ghost.

  6. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Awesome… I loved it. Saved me a lot of grief

  7. Anantha Narayanan Says:

    thank you so much for this document

  8. John Says:

    Absolutely glorious. Thank so much for posting this! I don’t think APEX Dev could have made this any more confusing.

  9. RS Says:

    the details were very good. Thanks..saved a lot of time.

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