Tkinter example application

I needed to write a small (python) desktop application. After having looked for example TkInter applications without success. I thought it be nice to share what I came up with coding TkInter. I tried to write a ‘framework’ and an easy way to deal with similarities within the different screens without having to repeat myself. What that meant for me was a per screen status messaging, progress indicator and error messages and of course a screen title and similar interface per screen.

I also wanted the view to just be a view and not know anything about the processes that it triggers. And i wanted to be able to run the processes without the view(with console). So therefore the controller came to life (sortof MVC, but not really)

If you start the app you can select module -> ver to see a process in action to give you sortof an idea how it could work for you.

I took everything out just to show the essentials, hope it gives you some ideas to start your own Tkinter application.

Download example app


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